Brain Fuel Pods

Brain Fuel Pods

Craft Coffee infused with L-Theanine + Lion’s Mane + Maca Root to enhance Focus + Memory + Energy. (16/Box)

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How to use

Superfood Infused Coffee K-Cups to help you maximize your day. This peak performance blend has the essential ingredients and superfoods to help enhance your mental performance by improving your focus, attention & energy without the caffeine jitters.* 

Smooth, satisfying medium roast with a bold profile and a hint of natural vanilla extract. Our specialty craft coffee is directly sourced from farmers in Guatemala & Colombia and locally roasted in San Diego, CA.

16 K-Cups per box.

Compatible with most Keurig© and Keurig© 2.0 systems.

Load single serve pod into machine. Choose the 8 fl oz option. Place the mug below the average outlet. DO NOT REMOVE SEAL BEFORE BREWING. Allow pods to cool before removing to recycle. Recycle: allow pods to cool, peel off the lid, and remove the filter.

Coffee, L-Theanine, Maca Root, Lion’s Mane, Natural Vanilla Extract.






Maintain mental clarity with this coffee infused blend of potent superfoods and nootropics to help you stay focused without the caffeine jitters.*


This power house coffee blend restores and refuels the mind by helping to clear brain fog, enhance memory and concentration.*  


Essential ingredients to help you sustain long lasting calm energy to maximize your day and improve your mood.*

Brain Fuel Blend

Fuel your brain with this potent blend strategically designed to power you up, enhance your mental clarity, memory and focus without scrambling your brain.*


Lion's Mane




A natural nootropic, descended from the original coffee trees discovered in Ethiopia. A natural caffeine rich in antioxidants and high in B-Vitamins with a plethora of health benefits.

Lion's Mane

A brain boosting superfood. Lion’s Mane is a cherished nootropic notable for its ability to restore and refuel the mind. Helps clear brain fog.* Enhances memory.* Improves focus and concentration.*


An amino acid found primarily in particular plants and fungal species. Promotes relaxation*. Helps reduce stress and the caffeine jitters.* When paired with caffeine, L-Theanine contributes to heightened alertness and focus.*


A superfood plant native to Peru that is uber rich in vitamins, minerals & antioxidants to help fight off free radicals. Helps to boost energy and endurance.* Improves mood*

What are Customers are Saying...

Drew C.

Entrepreneur, Co-Founder

"I never really write reviews but this coffee is insanely good and you actually feel the benefits. These pods made me feel intensely focused with a sense of calm. No jitters."

Emily L.

Content Creator

I love VendiBean coffee! These pods have been a game changer to my daily routine!

Meet The Founders

Brother-Sister Duo, Tristan and Teal Cooper, created the first Barista @ The Touch of a Button® disrupting the coffee vending machine industry. COVID-19 gave them the time to focus on following their larger vision, which is to help enhance people's daily lives. We are extremely passionate about our superfood infused coffee as it helps to optimize health without adding any extra steps in your daily routine.