Work From Home Coffee Perk

For Your Employees.

Perk up Your Team at Home!

With Teams Working from Home, Companies are Looking for Ways to Boost

Employee engagement

Employee morale

Employee appreciation

Productivity at home

Employee Appreciation Perk

The Vendibean WFH program allows your team to purchase the highest quality coffee at a discounted rate from our online store.

  • We offer an exclusive promo code to reduce out-of-pocket expenses for employees
  • We customize the program to best meet your team’s needs
  • We are here for your business and employee’s coffee needs. We strive to ensure your employees have daily access to the most delicious, craft coffee beans on the market today.
  • Our prices are guaranteed to be the lowest in Southern California.

How it Works

Step 1.) Choose your $ amount off you want to supplement ($5.00 minimum)

Step 2.) We provide you your custom code to share with your team to use in checkout on our website:

Step 3.) Share the code with your team.

Step 4.) Begin boosting morale at home ☺


Working from home has been tough for some of us so we were trying to find ways to engage our team and lift their spirits.

VendiBean's WFH Program is the perfect solution! Thank you!

CEO, Chase R. 

verified purchase

Our team loves VB coffee! They are so appreciative for this new WFH perk,

plus it makes our zoom coffee breaks way more fun! 

HR, Jessica K. 

verified purchase

Trust me, do this for your team and you will not regret it! We all needed this delicious coffee perk to spice up our mundane WFH routine.

VP of People, Mike R. 

verified purchase