VendiBean is a Barista @ the touch of a button® for culture focused companies or for the busy on-the-go latte lovers.

This is our story.

The beginning

Brother-Sister duo joined forces

After realizing how impossible it was to find a high-quality, craft cup of coffee available on-the-go & inside the workplace. We knew it was going to be tough since coffee vending machines had a bad reputation for dispensing nasty coffee… but we were determined to find a way to change the game. After years of dialing in our barista-quality recipes with our innovative bean-to-cup technology, we now offer two models for our VendiBean Machines to fill the need for a delicious cup of Joe at work and on-the-go.


COVID-19 created a serious bump in the road  for our company.

Since most of our clients consisted of companies and universities we had a very challenging time staying afloat during the pandemic. Luckily during this time, we were able to land our first military contract being able to boost morale & caffeinate marines on base leading to multiple military contracts nationwide.

Brand Goal

Our goal is to create a brand that brings joy & value to people's lives.

VendiBean was created to enhance people’s daily lives, whether that be in the office, in college, hospitals or on military bases. We don’t believe in compromising quality for convenience. Our team has worked diligently to perfect the on-the-go automated espresso experience to achieve creating the first barista @ the touch of a button.®