Get a Machine.


It doesn’t matter if you’re an office complex, athletic center or university, all you need is a quarter inch water line and a basic power outlet. Our machine is 6 feet high, 1.96 feet in width and 2.05 feet deep. It fits almost anywhere.


We take care of everything. Every week, a VendiBean Ambassador will drop by to take care all of the restocking, cleaning and maintenance.


After your machine is installed, we don’t just simply walk away. We’ll work with you to engage your community and build a social media presence at your location.

Deskhub Coffee Vending Machine San Diego Deskhub

VendiBean Machine FAQs:

How many times do you restock/ service the machine?

A VendiBean Ambassador cleans and restocks the machine every week. Depending on usage we service the machine more than once a week.

How do you track usage?

We track usage through our telemetry solutions. We can only track usage when the machine is not on “free mode”.

How fast do you fix any problems?

The VendiBean team is on top of it! We do our best to fix all issues within 24 hours to 48 hours at the latest.

How do I get a machine?

Signing up is easy! Email us at [email protected] and we will get you hooked up!

How much is it to get a machine?

We offer two different packages email us at [email protected] to find out pricing on the package you are interested in.

1. Office Package:
This allows companies to pay for VendiBean as a monthly service to provide their employees with complimentary craft coffee.
2. Retail Package:
Customers pay for their individual VendiBean coffee at no cost to the location.
What is a VendiCard?

A VendiCard is our version of a gift card that can be used on any of our machines. Locations can pay to acquire these cards for rewards programs to provide complimentary coffee to their tenants/ employees/ faculty etc. Locations can also choose to allocate the difference from the retail package however they desire on the VendiCards.

Can I customize the machine?

Locations have the option of adding their logo or company name on the machine.

What aesthetic options do you offer?

Standard: Our wooden branded vinyl. We will have a dark wood and a light wood option.
Solid: All black with our logo top centered in white.
Custom: All black with our logo top centered in white with your company logo on the bottom or sides of the machine.

Can we just use our own coffee cups?

Yes, we absolutely encourage this and have that option available. We strive wherever possible to reduce waste.

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