Workplace Productivity: Here's How Coffee Can Help

Workplace Productivity: Here's How Coffee Can Help

Coffee makes us feel more alert, upbeat, and energized for the day.

Now imagine what kind of work your entire team could accomplish if you gave them that high-quality energizing cup of coffee each morning! 

In today’s piece, we will explore: 

  1. The effects of coffee on the brain and body
  2. How those effects increase workplace productivity

Where Does Coffee Come In?

Alright, so you’re wondering how coffee fits into the equation. There are a few major ways coffee can amp up your employees’ productivity. 

Here are the three most significant productivity-enhancing effects of coffee:

1. Reduces Negative Effects of Fatigue

Most of us are no stranger to a night or two of restless sleep. Unfortunately, lack of sleep can cause several adverse side effects, including memory issues, mood changes, and trouble thinking and concentrating. Unsurprisingly, these problems can greatly impact the amount and quality of work we produce throughout the day.

This is where the first benefit of coffee comes in. 

According to a study conducted by NIH in 2018, drinking just 1-2 cups of coffee can noticeably reduce fatigue and increase energy levels. In addition, a study discussed on NPR’s Coffee Week found that between 100 and 250 mg of caffeine improves alertness and improves mood for those experiencing sleepiness.

2. Boosts Mental Performance

Along with helping to reverse the effects of sleep deprivation, coffee may improve a variety of cognitive functions for both people who are sleep deprived and those who are not. 

For example, a PLOS Journal study found that coffee increases a person’s ability to process and memorize information. More specifically, drinking around 2 cups of coffee per day can help you understand words and phrases more quickly and improve your short-term memory.

So, what implications does this effect have for the workplace? Coffee can help your team understand new materials more effectively and promote overall learning.

3. Protects the Brain and Lungs from Damage

It is no secret that many people find their workplaces (and the workweek in general) highly stressful. And unfortunately, many people return home to even more responsibilities, whether that’s family to take care of, bills to pay, or another job to address.

Luckily though, coffee can help alleviate stress and keep our bodies functioning effectively. For example, one study shows that coffee contains certain oils and chemicals that protect our brains from experiencing oxidative stress. Another study correlates coffee with positive effects on the respiratory system and reduced respiratory morbidity.

What Do These Effects Mean for Workplace Productivity?

You’re running a business, and it is crucial to make your decisions carefully. So, is providing your employees with delicious, high-quality coffee really worth it?

The hands-down answer is YES.

Here’s why:

Coffee energizes the mind and body, relieves stress, and improves your employees’ moods. And as noted by the Harvard Business Review, happy employees are the key to happy customers and a happy business. So, keep your employees satisfied and give them easily accessible, high-quality coffee right in their workspace with your very own office coffee service kiosk

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